What is Otshot

    Otshot is a revolutionary tool in the field of digital photography. It allows you to turn your
    images into greeting cards and insert your own personalized message into the frame. For the first
    time you can insert a message into your photos and tell the story of your image. You Post any
    greeting, signature, message on your own photo.

    I am having problems to send my photos

    Make sure you are connected to the Internet and you have a default mail application installed

    Out-of-the-box, Microsoft Windows is configured to use Outlook Express as the default email client
    (or "default mail handler"). This makes sense, since Outlook Express is bundled in Windows along with Internet Explorer.

    Setting the Default Email Client on Windows

    To the default email client on Windows, go to the Start Menu, choose Control Panel and Internet Options.

    The Windows Internet Options are also available from Internet Explorer, by going to Tools > Options,
    and selecting the Programs tab.

    Selecting an Email Program as Windows' Default Email Client

    The common Internet program types (including email applications) are listed on the program tabs
    of the Internet Properties window/dialog.

    Under E-mail, all email programs recognized as such by Windows will be listed: Outlook 2003 will
    be among these if it is installed on your computer.

    Select Outlook 2003 from the E-mail drop-down, and click OK to validate your choice.

    Check the success of the change with this email link: it should open a Outlook 2003 new email window.

    Setting Unrecognized Programs as Windows' Default Email Client

    Some email clients (very few) may not be recognized by Windows, which means
    that they will not show up in the list of candidates available to handle by default emails on Windows.

    If the email program you want to set as the default email program in Windows is not
    available, check the email client's internal settings and options, or contact the email client vendor.

    Most email applications can be set as Windows' default email client from the email program itself.

    Testing Your Default Email Application on Windows

    Unlike other web browsers which allow you to define the default mail handler outside Windows settings,
    Internet Explorer uses the email program you defined as default for Windows.

    To confirm that your default Windows mail program has been changed, click this link in Internet Explorer.
    This email link will open a blank email from your default email program.

    Setting the Default Email Client in Windows Vista

    Windows Vista introduces a different way to select default programs on your computer, easier
    than Windows XP for example; Windows Vista now includes a dedicated Set your default programs applet in the Control Panel.

    Launch Windows Vista's Default Program Control Panel

    Like other Windows Vista configuration settings, the Set your default programs is located inside the Control Panel.

    But Windows Vista has a dedicated Default Programs button on the Start Menu, which saves you quite a few steps;
    you can still find go through the Control Panel, but we will directly click the Default Programs button.

    Like Windows XP, you can access the Default Programs applet in Windows Vista from Internet Explorer: go under
    Tools > Options, and the Internet Options dialog will open; click on the Programs tab, and click the Set Programs button.
    This will launch Windows Vista's Default Programs window: click on the link which reads "Set your default programs",
    right below Choose the programs that Windows uses by default.

    Click the first link ("Set your default programs"): it will open the Set default program window, and a listing of
    applications you can use for web browsing, email, etc.

    Set Your Default Email Program in Windows Vista

    In the listing of possible default email programs, choose the one you would like to handle email actions by default.

    You will still be able to use other email applications, but the default email client will be invoked when you click
    an email link on a web page, for example.

    In our case, we will choose Outlook 2007 as Windows Vista's default email client; to do so, we select the Microsoft
    Office Outlook entry in the available default programs listing, and click the Set this program as default button.

    Confirm Your Default Email Application

    Once you have made your choice, click the Set Default Programs window's Ok button; you will be back to the Default
    Programs window, which you can now close.

    From now on, Windows Vista should use the email application you selected by default. Click this email link: the default email client you selected should
    automatically open a blank email window.

    I got a message: A program is trying to access my email addresses - why?

    When outlook is configured as your default e-mail application, Otshot will try to send your photos through your outlook account.

    To send your photos, simply click on "Yes"

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