What is OtShot?

OtShot is a free photo application that allows you to upload your pictures, edit them, personalize them and share them with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and Gmail - all from one location!

How do I uninstall OtShot?

To uninstall OtShot, click the “Start” button at the bottom of your screen and then click on “Control Panel” (in some cases you have to click “Settings” first and then “Control Panel”. When the Control Panel window opens, click “Add and Remove Programs”. Find OtShot in the list of programs installed on your computer and click “Remove”.

Is OtShot safe to use?

OtShot is completely safe to use and has been checked and approved by leading anti-virus software companies. Nothing is installed on your computer without your permission and any information you provide is completely safe and secure. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.

How do I contact someone at OtShot?

OtShot is owned and powered by leading technology company, KeyDownload Ltd. To contact our support team, send an email to support@keydownload.com.

Is OtShot completely free?

OtShot is available for free download and does not require any payment. Our photo application is completely free, all features included.